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Acclaimed Manitoba-centric music interview podcast. Hosted by Winnipeg journalist and massive record nerd Sam Thompson. Music talk radio, broadcasting from 2012 'til forever. DIY or die.

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  1. WR106: Pop Crimes

    Happy holidays! This week's episode features **Kevin Strang** , drummer for Winnipeg post-punkers **[Pop Crimes](http://popcrimes.bandcamp.com/)**. Kevin also owns/operates the **[Bonzer Records](http://bonzerrecords.bandcamp.com/)** label. In a rare (for us) one-host/one-guest podcast, Sam hung out in Kevin's apartment to talk about the randomly-generated "banana" theme, touring, releasing vinyl, Cuban ...


  2. WR105: John Smith / Lonnie Ce / Nestor Wynrush

    This week's episode started as a preview for tomorrow's [Holiday Rap Convention](http://www.witchpolice.com/2014/12/rap-show.html) (at which all three of our guests and one of the hosts will be performing), but the randomly-generated "breathless" theme took things in a more serious direction due to current events in the United States. This episode features ...


  3. WR104: Gold Mountain

    It's another timely episode! This week's guests, **[Gold Mountain](http://goldmountainsound.bandcamp.com/)** , are releasing their debut EP this Friday at the Handsome Daughter (presented by our [Garbage Hill](http://www.garbagehillnetwork.com/) pals **[Team Steve](http://www.witchpolice.com/2014/09/witchpolice-radio-episode-92.html)** ). We had three-quarters of the band in the Blanket Fort to talk about the randomly-generated "buzz" theme, which ...


  4. WR103: Autumn Still

    Just ahead of their EP release show (seriously, if you're listening to this right when it comes out, the show is _tomorrow_ ), we hung out with understated pop trio **[Autumn Still](https://autumnstill.bandcamp.com/) ** and talked about songs that relate to the randomly-generated "mountain" theme. They brought some instruments, too, ...


  5. WR102: Matt Foster of The Crooked Brothers

    Things get mega-weird on this guest appearance by our pal **Matt Foster** , 1/3 of Winnipeg roots wizards **[The Crooked Brothers](http://www.crookedbrothers.com/)**. Matt joins us to select songs about the randomly-generated "panic" theme, talk about the Bros.' busy touring schedule, their [new record](http://crookedbrothers.bandcamp.com/album/thank-you-im-sorry) and more! He also performs a ...