In memoriam: Kelly Fraser

Episode 447 December 29, 2019 00:49:17
In memoriam: Kelly Fraser
Witchpolice Radio
In memoriam: Kelly Fraser

Dec 29 2019 | 00:49:17


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Sam Thompson

Show Notes

You may have heard the news that Nunavut-raised, Manitoba-based pop singer [Kelly Fraser]( has passed away. It’s heartbreaking to hear. She was so young, so talented, and her dedication to sharing/preserving her traditional culture and language was (and still is) super inspiring. My interview with Kelly from early in 2019 was hands-down one of the best conversations I’ve had on the podcast over the entire run of the show. I didn’t know Kelly well beyond our hangout for the podcast and some occasional Facebook conversations (mostly about music) in the time since, but she was definitely someone who was going places. She already had a Juno nomination under her belt and was working on music that clearly had a lot of personal meaning on top of being a big ‘fuck you’ to the system. I really hope the ‘Decolonize’ record comes out in some form. I know Kelly was crowdfunding to make that happen. Here's a replay of that January interview. Hopefully people hear it and then check out her music and her activism if they haven't already. There's a fundraiser for Kelly's family to cover funeral costs, etc.: [](

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