WR123: Frek Sho pt. I

Episode 123 April 21, 2015 01:38:37
WR123: Frek Sho pt. I
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WR123: Frek Sho pt. I

Apr 21 2015 | 01:38:37


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Sam Thompson

Show Notes

**Frek Sho** was one of the definitive Canadian rap groups of the 1990s. In this special two-part episode, Rob and Elliott caught up with Frek Sho rappers **Ismaila** and **Micill Shazzam Write** to discuss the group's origins, its recorded catalogue and more. Part one covers the early days of Frek Sho and Twisted Spirits, Ismaila and Shazzam's recollections of the nascent Winnipeg rap scene, Frek Sho's first national exposure and the iconic "Patience" video.

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