WR204: Glen Murray

Episode 204 November 02, 2016 00:51:04
WR204: Glen Murray
Witchpolice Radio
WR204: Glen Murray

Nov 02 2016 | 00:51:04


Hosted By

Sam Thompson

Show Notes

If you're a longtime listener to the podcast, you're probably familiar with the name Jon Askholm. Jon is a founding co-host of Witchpolice Radio, who appeared on approximately 90 episodes, mainly from 2012-15. He's also 1/3 of experimental pop act Glen Murray. We joined Jon and bandmates Sam Koulack (also a past guest on the show) and David Warkentin in a basement that looks alarmingly like the old Blanket Fort jamspace where we recorded a hefty chunk of Witchpolice Radio's back catalogue (but in a different house). The fellas talked about their hard-to-define sound, their slow pace of recording and releasing music, the hilarious band name (if you're from Winnipeg, anyway) and more. Plus they played four live songs!

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