WR287: Nestor Wynrush

Episode 287 May 30, 2018 01:01:09
WR287: Nestor Wynrush
Witchpolice Radio
WR287: Nestor Wynrush

May 30 2018 | 01:01:09


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Sam Thompson

Show Notes

On this week's episode, we catch up with longtime friend of the show Nestor Wynrush at the food court to talk about his upcoming live mixtape creation and performance, taking place [June 1 at the Tallest Poppy.](http://www.facebook.com/events/1933659913371772/) Since the project deals with themes of 'home', we dig into that subject, while talking about Winnipeg, being genuine in one's artistic expression, and much more. This episode is brought to you by our friends at the Park Theatre, who are presenting [Brujeria with Dayglo Abortions, Incite, and Suburban Hypocrites June 12.](http://www.facebook.com/events/1845395175510863/) The episode is also brought to you by [Fourth Quarter Records](http://www.fourthquarterrecords.com/), your home for quality local hip-hop, as well as merchandise like the glorious 3Peat hoodies you've been seeing everywhere lately.

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