WR427: Vagina Witchcraft

Episode 427 October 17, 2019 00:42:31
WR427: Vagina Witchcraft
Witchpolice Radio
WR427: Vagina Witchcraft

Oct 17 2019 | 00:42:31


Hosted By

Sam Thompson

Show Notes

Some bands have good names. Some bands have great names. Other bands have amazing names, like [Vagina Witchcraft](http://vaginawitchcraft.bandcamp.com/releases)! This episode is an interview with two members of the local hardcore/doom/sludge/etc. outfit, in which we discuss representation in the local scene, their big gig opening for Propagandhi, learning to scream, THAT NAME, and a lot more! This episode is brought to you by our friends at [The Park Theatre](http://myparktheatre.com/).

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